This Such Capable Hands Blog is an opportunity to review the book, comment on the book, and share your personal creative story for others to read.

Such Capable Hands is a book of personal stories from 16 jewelry artists around the World. These stories detail remembrances of childhood events that sparked dreams and began lifelong creative paths. For some artists, the path was not straight and sure, interrupted by life events and adverse circumstances. The drive to create and express was a strong force for each, and led them to teach themselves skills and techniques and to seek out specific schools and teachers when possible. The hard work and determination got these artists to the point where they are today. Their love of jewelry and the creative process is evident in their work.

While Such Capable Hands has images of the artists and their hands, their work can be viewed on Pinterest boards. Pinterest serves as an evolving, growing collection of the artists’ past and current work. Every week images are added, illustrating their growth and change over time.

It is my hope that whether you are starting out on your creative journey, struggling with your current circumstances, or just love jewelry and the creative process, that you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book! – Pat Robinson Schmidt

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