2 thoughts on “Such Capable Hands – book reviews and comments

  1. Recently I received the book, Such Capable Hands, from a dear friend. Its amazing! Thank you for putting this together, I too have connected with some amazing artists from all over the world through fb. Finally, I too have found my passion! So many of your words struck a familiar chord for me. – Karla Mandelin-Bradley

  2. After reading each person’s account of their life in the world of making original Jewelry, I found a common thread that each artist reached back into their personal history to remember a family member or teacher that encouraged their inner soul to find that dream no matter how long it took. Maybe to go so far as to give them permission to take the risk.
    I find these personal stories give me inspiration to keep going in expressing my own form of art. And how very cool that these are people from all over the world, different languages and traditions, but yet still united in this world called “ART”. Sue Raasch

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